Back to the Forest…



Building on their Disney resorts from last week, Lime made some hotels for guests to stay in. After a while, one of the hotels turned into a palace for the self proclaimed king of the forest! People hunted the floor to find some green leaves to pay the king and guards made sure he was protected at all times. The king’s shelter was excellently crafted with some brilliant knots keeping the tarp in the tree. A tribe also opened up but they were all either a king or a queen, they decided that seemed a lot more fair!



Great Scott! Willow were tasked with making a time machine and got stuck in to some wonderfully imaginative play. They put some tarp up to create an enclosed space and it wasn’t long before people were travelling to different time zones. The person in the time machine waited while those on the outside whispered about what time they’d ended up in now! Another group continued to work on the decking in the fort and needed some ‘cement’ to keep it all in place. There was also a whole bunch of peeling sticks.



The little ones tried another ‘sit spot’ today. They made nests and tried to sit still and shut their brains off for as long as they could, listening to what the forest had to offer. They did very well and a few managed to find inner peace for 4 and a half minutes! After, they got busy climbing trees, using the swing and getting in the very muddy fort. A few of them found their way into the digging zone too and it was very messy… They finished with a few chaotic games of hide and seek before going in to get warm.



Time travel was also on the agenda for Beech class, they set off finding anything they could and turning it into a time travelling device. There were flux capacitors aplenty and a TARDIS too, made from rope and tarp shelters. Some went back in time to before people existed, some found Vikings and lots went to 1666 and stopped the great fire of London! Elsewhere a moth was found and paraded around before it blew away in the wind. The swing was also very popular…until it snapped!



Maple got more into the time machine’s themselves as opposed to ‘where’ in time they were going. They discussed that time machine’s like the DeLorean in Back to the Future and the TARDIS were made to blend in with normal things. So they made a lamp post, train, playroom – all very well disguised. Others stacked up logs with buttons for a range of different uses, as well as a homage to the original DeLorean. The usual gang were hanging around in the tree and also a couple of cavemen had accidently snuck in to 2023!