Back to work and making memories

In Willow Class, it may have been a four day week but we have managed to pack in so much.

Joining the characters of our class book ‘Wonder’ after their Christmas break, we are discovering that some friendships are being tested and we understand how actions are changing their feelings. We explored word meanings and completed a reverse crossword.

Interpreting and creating line graphs was the aim of our maths this week. Along with labelling each axis, using and checking scales, we have plotted and compared information so that we can observe how line graphs represent continuous data.

Development of our podcasts took another step forward, with the design of logos. Working with their podcast partners, the emphasis was to ensure that the logo interpreted the aim of the podcast and promoted it effectively.


We were introduced to Drama and Dance this week too (in addition to Forest school and PE!). Drama started with tongue twisters, ‘rubber chicken’, facial stretches and was followed by small group work – acting and interpretation of memories from our time at primary school.

We launched ourselves in to dance, with the beat of the music, as we warmed up and were taught some ‘street dance’ moves which we then put together to perform a short sequence.

A reflective week where writing about ourselves, our achievements and proudest moments in Willow Class has started to make us aware and thoughtful about our move on to secondary school.

You deserve a weekend off, Willow Class – enjoy the sunshine, safely.