Beanstalks and Bird watching!

Early on this week, the children were really keen to return to their classroom. They were so excited to see the brand new floor and the furniture back in with all their treasured activities! A few new areas in the classroom helped to spark the children’s interest and the reading nook seemed to be quite popular this week!

The children have also been working hard with their phonics and writing this week! The children in Saplings learnt the sounds g, o, c and k and the children in Ash have been challenging themselves with the digraphs (‘special friends’ that hold hands to make one sound!) sh, th, ng and nk! There were a lot of proud faces in the classroom when the children saw their wonderful writing on display. For this piece of writing, the children had to think about how Jack travelled up the beanstalk. Our favourite word to describe this was “scrabbled”!

Our forest trips this week got us geared up for the Big Garden Birdwatch this weekend! We took non-fiction books, clipboards and binoculars to the forest and tried our hand at a spot of birdwatching. We even made our own binoculars and telescopes from tubes! We realised that we had to be quite quiet so as not to scare the birds away. We saw two robins, some pigeons, a magpie and even a Red Kite overhead!