Beatles, Beetles and Abbey Toad…



Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band came to visit the Forest today, we were treated to a 3 song concert! Tickets were handed out before the event at the cost of 1 leaf (very reasonable). The restaurant from a few weeks ago, ‘Space Burger’ returned to provide refreshments between each song. A gym also opened up with weight lifting and some karate chopping and we got the knives out and had a whittling lesson too.


Oh no! Pirate No-Beard had stolen the guitar and the little ones had to follow the clues which led to the shed key. They did a great job with a little help and we got to sing a pirate song! They then built a pirate trap, which was very effective at claiming wellies. While doing this they also found a huge Beetle (not the one from Lime class) and looked after it well. Some enclosed themselves in a tarp and played Mario Kart too!


Beech have been looking at pirates all term, so were in their element when they found out the guitar was missing! They had a couple of extra clues to help them (and despite the key being found slightly early) and they cracked the code and the guitar was free. They loved helping figure out some good rhymes to use in the pirate song and then went off and used the swings and made a pirate club under a shelter.


TOAD! THERE’S A TOAD! Maple were searching for creepy crawlies with the see through pots and when someone started screaming, it was a good job they had them! They decided to name the damp little hopper Freddo, even though they realised it was probably a toad and not a frog. They built a little habitat for Freddo to be set free in at the end of the session but to their dismay he hopped away as fast as he could and wasn’t seen again!