Beech 13th October

In year two English, our whole class text ‘The Tunnel’ has given us the foundation for some wonderful discussions this week. We started by only looking at the first half of the text and then making predictions about what would happen after one of the children enters the tunnel!  We then continued to use our oracy and questioning skills we worked in pairs with one of us playing news reporter and the other a character from the book. Our audience watched with great enthusiasm and respect.  Wilf said, “I liked performing my English because it brought my questions to life.”

In year one English, our whole class focus has been on alliteration. We busily studied some examples of alliteration before writing our very own poems using alliteration!

We have produces some stunning paintings for our final art pieces. Each painting is unique but all take inspiration from our artist Andy Goldsworthy as well as a comparative artist Rebecca Vincent. We have also made comparisons between their work and our own work. Rosie noted, “Both artists use similar colours and that is why I chose my colours.”

In science, we continued to look at our key investigation question “What features tell me that an animal is a carnivore?” but this week we delved further and started looking at animal teeth. We then had to identify which animals were carnivores, herbivores and omnivores based on their teeth!

We hope that you all have a lovely weekend.