Beech 16th Feb 2024 A week of exciting moments

This week in Beech class has been full of exciting moments! We kicked off the week with a visit from the police, who engaged the children in discussions about their various roles, especially highlighting the duties of rural police in our area. The children learned important information about when and how to seek help, had the chance to try on different pieces of police uniform and equipment, and were thrilled to see the police truck and hear the sirens. They also asked insightful questions such as, “What should you do if you encounter floodwater?” and “How can you determine if water is too deep to drive through?”

In our art lessons, we focused on the work of artist Kurt Schwitters. The children explored the materials he uses for his collage art and successfully created springs and coils out of paper. Additionally, we tried our hand at some sketches inspired by Quentin Blake’s style.

In maths, the Year Two students explored the 2, 5, and 10 times tables, approaching the concept practically through activities like drawing arrays and exploring the written form. They grasped that there’s more to these tables than just reciting numbers, and connected the two times tables to understanding doubles. Meanwhile, the Year One students tackled the topic of money, learning to recognise and understand the value of different coin denominations. They enjoyed both the hands-on and written aspects of this learning journey.

A highlight of the week was our sponsored skip event! The children put in tremendous effort to refine their skipping skills, and all of them showed improvement from their initial attempts. It was fantastic to witness their progress, and we extend our gratitude to the parents who were able to attend. For those who couldn’t make it, I’m sure the children would love to share their achievements with you at home.

During this half term, our history focus has centred on exploring toys from recent history, those within living memory. This week marked an exciting culmination as we transformed our classroom into our very own rendition of the Young V & A museum. We meticulously organised our collection of toys into distinct ‘rooms,’ each dedicated to categories like ‘moving toys,’ ‘outdoor toys,’ and ‘building toys.’ Additionally, we curated a selection of these toys and arranged them along a timeline, spanning the past century. This visual representation allowed our visitors to witness the evolution of these beloved toys, providing a captivating insight into how they have transformed over time.

In our R.E lessons, the Year 1 children have been exploring the concept of friendships, with a focus on the Christian faith. We examined several Bible stories, pondering the question, “Was it always easy for Jesus to show friendship?” This led us to introspect on our own friendships. This week’s activity involved creating a friendship web. Using wool, we passed it to a friend while expressing why it’s easy to be friends with them. The responses were heart-warming, such as ‘you help me when I am stuck with my work’, ‘you let me join in with cool games’, ‘you are really funny and make me laugh!’.

Meanwhile, in Year 2, our exploration shifted towards the role of food in celebrations. We’ve been learning about how food is integral to the Jewish Passover celebration, particularly through the symbolism of the Seder plate. This week, our imaginations and appetites were ignited as we crafted our own menus for a special celebration, sparking discussions about the significance of food in cultural and religious festivities.

Thank you for your ongoing help and support. Wishing you a wonderful half term break.