Beech 29th September 2023

We have had another enjoyable and active week in Beech class. In our English lessons, the Year 1 students had a great time creating lists. We explored the reasons for making lists and then wrote lists for various occasions. Meanwhile, the Year 2 students delved into the book “The Lighthouse Keeper’s Lunch” by Ronda and David Armitage. They had a lot of fun using different punctuation marks to convey the seagull’s speech and emotions.

In our maths lessons, Year 1 students focused on addition and learned various methods to assist them in this skill. Year 2 students concentrated on counting both forwards and backwards through benchmarks.

In our history lessons, we have been exploring the lives of significant sports figures, and this week, we focused on Learie Constantine. Learie Constantine was not just an exceptional cricket player; he was also a champion of workers’ rights, particularly for Black individuals during a time when they faced significant discrimination. His work was so impactful that he became the first black person to be appointed to the House of Lords. We thought about the importance of inclusion and diversity and we made friendship bands. We discussed that friendships and communities are made when people from all different backgrounds are included, valued and celebrated. The different colour threads symbolise this message.

During our art sessions, we spent time studying more of Andy Goldsworthy’s work and created our own leaf art. In science, our focus was on understanding the key characteristics of carnivores. The children continue to amaze us with their eagerness to learn and their ability to adapt to new routines.