Beech Class 19th January 2024 a week of creative wonder

We have had another fantastic week in Beech class. The highlight of the week was our learning together morning. We had an art focus and spent time drawing initial ideas of robots. We were so lucky to have so many parents come in and support our learning. If you were not able to make it this time we will have another one in the next half of term. Our art learning has continued through the week. The children have spent time learning different collage techniques. In preparation for creating their final robots.

In science we spent time creating houses for the Three Little Pigs. We then tested them to see if they would withstand rain and of course the Big Bad Wolf trying to blow them down! The children used their prediction skills to help them choose the best materials for their house.

In English we have been looking at a new whole class text “There’s a Tiger in the Garden” by Lizzie Stewart this book pays homage to Judith Kerr and Henri Rousseau. The children used their prediction skills to work out what things the little girl would find in the garden. They used conscience alley to decide whether the girl should venture further into the garden or whether she should stay inside. We then interviewed lots of tigers to discover why he was in the garden and how he got there. Finally we wrote diary entries as the Tiger discussing meeting the little girl.

In maths the year twos have focussed on statistics looking at bar charts and tally charts. They used their graph skills to measure whether people with bigger feet can jump further. They soon discovered that this was not the case. The year one children have been focussing on time and measure, they have looked closely at questions like if today is Tuesday what day will it be in two days’ time? They have also spent time measuring their friends using and other objects. We looked at the different ways that we could measure. From using books and blocks to using CM.

Have a lovely weekend,

The Beech class team