Beech Class Broadening Our Understanding Of Time Concepts


demonstrating their growing proficiency in narrative writing.

We’ve had an exhilarating first week of the Summer term, marked by the arrival of an abundance of new outdoor equipment. The children have been thrilled to explore the possibilities presented by these additions, particularly the new climbing apparatus and  Phonics Pond. Additionally, the introduction of tuff trays has provided ample space for engaging games like times tables dominoes, fostering both learning and enjoyment.

In mathematics, our focus has been on teaching the children to tell time using analogue clocks. We’ve approached this task practically, allowing hands-on learning experiences. Towards the latter part of the week, we delved into word problems, applying our newfound knowledge to practical situations. We’ve also tackled word problems related to days of the week and months of the year, broadening our understanding of time concepts.

In English lessons, the children have been immersed in the art of writing recounts. Beginning with the task of organising a mixed-up recount, they then utilised a thesaurus to enrich their vocabulary. With these skills sharpened, they proceeded to craft their own recounts, demonstrating their growing proficiency in narrative writing.

Our new art topic has transported us to the African Safari, where we explore the theme of warmth in drawing and painting. Guided by the key question “How can we create a painting that conveys warmth?” We’ve examined the colours associated with warmth, laying the groundwork for our artistic endeavours.

Have a lovely weekend, The Beech Class Team