Bees, bugs and Roman coins!


Lime’s imaginations were in full flow this morning! They were inspired by Smoothie Day and Cookie Dough day and made their own shop which sold a wide range of drinks and snacks. They stacked up logs and began to stir together potions of flowers and leaves to make their mixture. After the storm the night before, the digging zone was perfect for a group of Roman’s to search for pottery. They found a mysterious coin that was over 1000 years old. The session finished with a film of king Kong, presented by a few actors in cinema!



After a brainstorm putting together ideas for starting the script for their end of year production, Willow kept their creative juices flowing. The made a homeless shelter complete with beds (on the freshly swept forest floor) and some delicious food. The digging zone was also very popular, they had been disappointed in how difficult digging had become with the hot weather, so they welcomed the change. A core group stayed up in the trees too and climbed from branch to branch showing each other new pathways that could be climbed.



The bug finding pots were out in full force this morning and the stumps were turned upside down and all sorts of creatures were scooped up. Slugs, millipedes, beetles… you name it it found its way into a pot! A huge collection of walnuts were found too, it started with 10 and by the end of the forest 54 (!) had been found. They were collected into a bucket and counted and recounted over and over. A big group were also trying to free ‘stickman’ from a pile of logs. They twisted a stick all session until right at the end he was free!



Discoveries galore were also made in Beech class, the most exciting of which was a poorly bee! A milk lid of sugar water was used to try and make it feel better and a large crowd gathered around to see what was happening. They were concerned that it wasn’t drinking enough but luckily it was taken to one of their bug hotels in class to see if it could make a full recovery. A potion was made full of great ingredients and mixed together in a bucket, they weren’t sure what the potion did but it was definitely going to work.



Maple found a different bee that didn’t have as much luck with sugar water and decided to make it a little grave. After that, they went off in search of anything moving and made a huge snail/slug collection. Some made traps to lure unsuspecting creatures in. One trap was dug into the ground with sticks over and another went for the classic ‘stick keeping the lid up with food inside’ style. Elsewhere, 2 separate camps were became enemies and fought over territory. Some tied lots of rope together and made ‘mega rope’!