Boggle Snot and Bugs!


Great British Bug Hunt 2022! Lime were tasked with finding the creepiest and crawliest creatures they could find. They used little tubs to collect them and compared their size and amount of legs. They found all sorts and had a very spirited debate on whether or not they needed to/could breathe with the lid on! There were also some sculptures of houses made out of bark, which was an ingenious idea. A jail was made for the more unruly members of the class too, though no one seemed to mind being put in there!



The Boggle was feeling much better than last week (after drinking his forest made soup!), so he’d left a thank you note on one of the stumps. His nose wasn’t blocked up anymore, as he’d sneezed all over the trees and left lots of excellent ‘boggle snot’ for everyone’s use. They used the snot to make boggle bracelets and bows. They were thrilled when they found out that the bracelets were theirs to keep too! There was lots of climbing and a collection of the sweet chestnuts was made.



Beech were equally as happy to find the Boggle’s note, although they thought he might need a few more phonics lessons, as some of his human spelling was a bit off! They all had a go at trying some of the steps making the bracelets and a few even helped some of their more confused friends out. After everyone had a bracelet, they too decided to make some bows and really enjoyed playing with them in the fort. They filled the buckets with the sweet chestnuts too, although some found them a bit spikey!



Sometimes you have to abandon your plans in the forest and realise that something completely different has sparked imaginations. Today Maple had barely sat on the stumps before they were using sticks and string as fishing rods. So the forest turned into a huge fishing port! There was a pier and some lifeboats that would ‘row’ out of the forest and pick up the sweet chestnuts from the field and bring them back into their collections. There was also a pinecone called ‘Piney’ who had a little bed made for him!