Boggle Spotted in Little Hadham!


It was national ‘random acts of kindness’ day, so Lime went around helping each other out. They went on mini side quests; getting people on swings, helping in the digging zone and up in the trees. (It was also world teachers day but they were less fussed about that!) The fort became an ‘information desk’ but you could mostly find out about ‘beans’, which some found more helpful than you’d think! The sweet chestnuts were beginning to fall and great collections were being made in buckets.



Watch out the Boggle is about! The little ones were using their sense of smell, to find ingredients to make a soup for the mysterious creature ‘The Boggle’. While no one has ever laid eyes on this creature, it became apparent that he had a cold and need something stinky to unblock his nose! They filled up a ‘cauldron’ with lots of mud, leaves, stones and string and left it for the Boggle to munch down once we were all gone. They then decided to pull down a tree using some rope, they tried hard but to their dismay the tree didn’t budge!



Beech also heard the noise of the bunged-up Boggle and decided that a stew would be better than soup for making the Boggle feel better. Some also filled buckets with different ingredients to make potions and were convinced that the Boggle would be feeling better in no time! Others climbed the trees higher than before and a McDonald’s opened up in the fort. They wouldn’t accept medium food orders, only small and large, which was a very shrewd business move, as everyone seemed to be paying with their leaves to size up!



Maple had been asking what ‘special day’ it was and we quickly discovered it was national; manufacturing day, Frappe day and national Jonathan day! They set about making different flavoured treats in plant pots to share around, while calling each other Jonathan… A group created a factory to honour manufacturing day, they collected walnuts and sweet chestnuts – sorting them into piles. We’d also discussed that you had to watch out for any falling walnuts from the tree, so someone made a genius hard hat out of bark!