Books…portable magic!

World Book Day came to Little Hadham this Thursday! There was much excitement as we shared our best dressed vegetables. We had decorated vegetables as some of our favourite book characters. The creativity across the school was certainly impressive and there was a buzz in the air as we admired all the entries and discussed our favourite books!

We were treated to a special visit from Mr. Willett, one of our lovely Governors. Mr. Willett came to share with us a moral with a story. Armed with props a-plenty, we loved listening to Mr. Willett’s story telling. It is always such a special time being read to and we really appreciated Mr. Willett giving his time to share his love of reading. Thank you, Mr. Willett!

World Book Day reached our Forest session too. We used natural items found in the forest to create some well-known and well-loved book characters. There were some wonderfully crafted characters including; Winnie the Pooh, Willy Wonka, Peter Rabbit, The Hungry Caterpillar  and a Pantasaurus on the ground using sticks and a stump!

In our Whole Class Reading lessons, we read from ‘Wonder’ by R. J. Palacio. We learnt about precepts such as ‘When given the choice between being right or being kind, choose kind’. We discussed the meaning of different precepts and what they mean to us.

In Maths, we have been learning how to convert fractions and decimals into percentages. We compared fractions, decimals and percentages and had a go at writing our own percentage problems for others to solve.

In Science, we learnt about good cholesterol and bad cholesterol. We learnt how cholesterol affects the arteries in the body and how this in turn affects blood flow. We learnt that scientist Marie Maynard Daly was instrumental in finding out the effects that cholesterol has on our arteries and heart. Daly was the first black woman to achieve a PhD in Chemistry in the USA. We then made our own butter by shaking a pot of cream. We were thrilled to see how the fat solids separate and form butter. Of course, we had to taste our butter. We can say with confidence that it was delicious!

In PE this week, we have been learning some more volleyball skills. We learnt how to set up the ball and use an open hand to help give more direction when hitting the ball. We quickly realised that accuracy is more important than power.

Have a lovely weekend!