Breakfast, birds and bugs!



It was National All Day Breakfast day, so some shops were set up and catered to some hungry guests. One sold vegan options and the other was purely meat! Luckily they got on quite well. A huge game of Among Us was going on with various people in charge of telling the Crew Members and Imposters who they were. They played very harmoniously considering it was such a large group. A couple of bug discoveries were made including a caterpillar trying to climb a tree and (after a lengthy google search) a red headed Cardinal Beetle.



Willow were incredibly excited about the prospect of breakfast all day! They shared what they’d eaten in the morning and then went off to make their own breakfast establishments. There was a lot of waffle mix, some pancakes and a very special Lithuanian potato based dish! After a while talk turned to the small chirping noises coming out of the bird box. Using the special bird sound app, they identified that they were Blue Tits, they watched for a while but none emerged.



The guinea pigs are off on a half term holiday and the little ones were missing them already. They also tried hard to listen to the baby Blue Tits in the bird house and reminisced about the mice last week. They were inspired to build a playground for the small creatures! There was a see saw, rope bridge and 2 swings (one for small creatures and one for even smaller creatures).  Elsewhere, a McDonalds for the birds was made and they looked for worms to be the chips. The digging zone was very popular too!



Beech were everywhere! They made 2 McDonald’s, 1 for humans and the other for the creatures to use over the half term week. 2 pulley systems were made for the swing, one to aid with swinging and one to put it up safe when no one was using it. The tree was incredibly popular and lots of people were testing their limits, climbing higher, balancing and hanging upside down! They also made a mini playground including a swing with real rope to hold it up.



Maple were more than up to the challenge of building homes for the creatures. Right on cue, the Blue Tits began flying in and out of their house and it wasn’t long before they had homes made out of sticks, with leaf ceilings and stick sofas to sit on! Elsewhere, the mystical – one of a kind – creature from last week had returned. We found out that it was half a hump backed whale crossed with a cheetah and by the end of the session (apart from having its own home), had family members galore!