Bright sparks!

Lights flickered and buzzers buzzed as we introduced different components to our electrical circuits. We learnt about the different symbols used to represent the many components and used these to draw clear diagrams of our circuits. Scan the QR code below to see and hear what we got up to in our Science this week…

On Wednesday this week, we were lucky to join a webinar with internationally acclaimed inspirational speaker and storyteller Chris Lubbe. Chris grew up in apartheid South Africa, and from an early age began to speak out about the injustice of the apartheid system. Chris once worked with Nelson Mandela as his bodyguard while he was President of South Africa. We were gripped by his incredible stories of true resilience and determination and his incredible story of resistance against apartheid. We found his messages powerful and incredibly moving. It was a privilege to be able to ask Chris some questions about his personal experiences of apartheid and racism. Chris told us all of a great quote by Mark Twain, ‘Truth hurts but silence kills’, reminding us of the importance of speaking out. We learnt a lot about Nelson Mandela and were reminded that ‘education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.’

We discussed the power of kindness in PSHE and learnt about how the British Red Cross helps those in need. Did you know the British Red Cross is the largest humanitarian network in the world!

As the full force of the sun shone this week, what better way to spend a forest session than creating our very own ‘beside the sea’ feature! Complete with sandy shores and the promise of cool waves to splash in, our beach was the perfect place to chill with friends!

In Maths, we consolidated our learning about shapes, both 2D and 3D, and drew shapes with a greater degree of accuracy. We solved problems using our knowledge of angles.

In Art, we continued to explore complementary colours, looking at how we can use these to add depth to our shading and shadows. It’s fun exploring colour!

As Yoga experts, it was time for us to lead the session this week. We did a brilliant job of guiding each other through the sun sequence, followed by perfecting some key yoga poses. We even enjoyed playing a game which helped us to use our yoga poses smoothly and confidently. Scan the QR code to see us performing the sun sequence. Perhaps you could join in!

Enjoy the sunshine and have a wonderful weekend.