Britain’s Got Daisy Chains…



It was the longest day of the year so Lime spoke about how people celebrate. They were challenged to make the longest daisy chain possible and worked together well! Some decided that they were more ‘daisy gatherers’ and left piles for the others to make. Once in the forest, some decided to have another round of Britain’s Got Talent!



Willow made some excellent progress in the digging zone, before making their way out onto the field to make their daisy chain. They were determined to beat Lime class and worked in the blistering heat to get the job done. Once again, some decided they were better at collecting than making and it wasn’t long before they had beaten Lime’s record and kept going even longer.



Most other classes have organised their own talent shows in the forest at some point this year and this time it was our youngest members’ turn! There were renditions of happy birthday, original songs, jokes, stories, comedy routines and impressions of Mario. They were very supportive of each other and all made it through to the next round!



Beech were still very interested in fishing today, their knot tying skills are really being put to the test when making fishing rods. Word had spread about a new game called ‘Eagle Eye’ and this week lots more decided they wanted to play and hid in some very tricky to spot places. Elsewhere a ‘Mr Simms’ Olde Sweet Shoppe’ opened up and a super cool time machine was built!



Maple liked the idea of a talent show, so a few groups went off to rehearse. We were treated to some musical theatre, improvised songs, some rapping and far too many Christmas songs for this time of year! (Silent Night anyone?) Sticks were also incredibly popular and a group marched around using them as staffs, to help dig in the digging zone.