Bugs, bananas and boats…


Lime are absolutely thrilled to be performing their show about Vikings this week and the forest was absolutely teeming with vicious raiders! A large group got some tarp and strings and began tying it to a big tree to create their own longboat. They then set sail to various different lands and began taking as much as they could! Another group made their own Viking party which was a much less savage affair. Lots of great dancing was enjoyed by all.



Today was obviously national banana day…so a group turned into Minions and decided that certain sticks were bananas and began fighting over them. Some made a machine that turned you into  a minion or a banana (if you were unlucky). The fort was popular as always and today’s added elements were a ‘door’ which was a log attached to a rope which had its own door operator. they ‘re also making great headway with ‘the trench’ which helps you get into the short door without bashing your head!



The trees were too slippery to climb because of the rain but that didn’t worry the little ones, they got the bug finder pots and were tasked with making ‘mini museums’. They scurried off and looked for anything exciting, finding leaves and stones before someone had the idea to check under the stumps. Everyone rushed over and began tipping – they found; finding worms, slugs, millipedes and all kinds of things. The swing had broken, so a couple worked hard to wrap a log with rope and began swinging away!



The Perspex pots were out in full force with Beech class too and they began making little habitats in them, so that any bugs found were comfortable during their stay. They searched under the stumps and under leaf piles and found some very small bugs and wondered what new species that they’d discovered. Some were amazed to see that their den from last week had survived and they began decorating it with any flowers they could find on the floor. At the end of the session they said thank you to their pots and tipped them out.



The sun had come out for Maple’s session and they relished the opportunity to get up in the trees. They used to pots to find as many bugs as they could and lifted up anything they could in order to find some creatures to store in them. Every imaginable bug was found, as well as a few that needed googling! Elsewhere, a jaguar/tornado trap was created using some rope and sticks. The only problem with this was that once you’d tripped the jaguar/tornado up…you had to jump on them and tie them up!