Busy Year 6!

This week, in our Science lesson, we carried out an investigation to prove that light travels in straight lines; it was fun getting a beam of light to hit the bullseye of a target.

In Yoga, we chose two poses to perfect – ‘curly whirly’ and ‘tree’.  Both poses fitted in perfectly to our discussions about Roald Dahl and the anniversary of his birthday as they reminded us of some of his stories. Can you guess which story the ‘curly whirly’ pose made us think about? Both poses were extremely relaxing.

In French it was time to learn about ‘La Seconde Guerre Mondiale’. We enjoyed reading and sorting our key vocabulary and using it to construct sentences about World War II.

Agony Aunt time in PSHE! We were busy writing letters to our readers, offering respectful and assertive advice so they may be able to solve their friendship dilemmas.