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The forest had had a bit of a haircut over the Easter break and lots of the old branches have been chopped away. This was quite a shock for Lime but they really enjoyed looking for the bits of the forest that were ‘missing’. The main event of the session was that the peelers were out. Everyone had a safety lesson at the stumps and loads had a go peeling sticks throughout the session. It was McDonald’s Day on Monday, so to celebrate 4 restaurants were created! People took turns cooking and several drive-throughs were opened too.



It was a surprise to see the forest so bare for Willow too but it was more of a surprise that there was less room on the trees, so we lowered the limit of people allowed to climb at one time to 3. They agreed that we should see if the tree can handle 3 people with a view to moving it up to 4, if safe to do so. The bug pots were out and there was a huge commotion as a ‘Nightcrawler’ was found (which is a name they coined referring to a massive worm). The knives also made an appearance and they’re getting very good a whittling now.



The rain was falling quite heavily this morning, so the suits were back on and the trees were out of action.  After a very quick game of ‘1, 2, 3 Where Are You?’ (they’re getting very good at finding everyone now), they got busy making lots of restaurants. Buckets of sticks, string and mud were gathered and offered up to anyone willing to try a bite. After you’d ‘eaten’, they would normally tell you it was full of worms or hot sauce! They also enjoyed poking sticks at the very squishy mud in the digging zone.



The rain had slowed by the time Beech were ready and they were very excited to see that the forest had been chopped back. They also enjoyed seeing the flowers that had began to grow and were talking about the ways to spot the difference between bluebells and snowdrops. They were very pleased that it was ‘McDonald’s Day’ and several restaurants opened up. A military base was also called into action and they patrolled the forest keeping everyone safe. The squishy mud was used to make mud faces on trees!



Luckily the sun was shining, so the decision was made to only wear wellies in the forest. This was a decision that nobody would regret (spoiler alert: They would). Maple set to work opening their own McDonald’s and making a very cool shelter…when the heavens opened! They ran to put waterproofs on and were very grateful for the shelter. Another group made a cool shelter too and crammed as many people as possible in there. The metal detector crew were also searching but unfortunately the session was ending just as they heard some beeping.