Can you scan it? Yes, you can!

In Willow Class, we love learning new things. This week we have learnt how to use QR codes to bring our learning to life. We have used QR codes to create a little special something for our mums this Mothering Sunday. Using our origami skills, we created beautiful photograph frames to hold our personal messages for our mums. We have also used QR codes to explore the world of Frida Kahlo further. Scan the QR codes below to travel to Mexico city and take a virtual tour of Frida’s house and hear some of the things we discovered about Frida and her work.

In Maths, we have been exploring the area of triangles. We investigated the relationship between the area of a rectangle and a triangle. We used our findings to create the formula (b x h) ÷ 2 = area of a triangle.  We made use of some great mathematical vocabulary whilst investigating, such as perpendicular, right angle, quadrilateral, approximate, estimate and formula.

In History, we thought about how we can learn from the events of the past.  We discussed in detail the most significant changes  brought about following the sinking of the Titanic. We debated which changes we felt were the most significant. Using our awesome oracy skills, we challenged others views and probed, we clarified our opinions and summarised our thinking. What great historians!

In Science, we learnt about food chains and how to draw them. We used new vocabulary, including primary consumer and tertiary consumer. We discussed the transfer of energy in a food chain and how this is shown using arrows. Our learning in Science is becoming super ‘sticky’ (we are remembering well and applying what we have learnt previously to help us with our new learning) – well done, Year 6!

In Computing, we looked at gender bias in television adverts. This created a rich discussion in class and helped us to recognise where else we have seen, or might see, gender bias. We also explored how messages online are incredibly powerful, both positively and negatively.

We think using a few Kung Fu actions really helps to us learn how to punctuate sentences containing relative clauses. We used actions to show where the commas need to be and also some actions to help us remember how to identify relative pronouns. We learnt about restrictive and non-restrictive clauses.

Lighting fairy pillows and a spot of whittling in our Forest session was a wonderful way to spend a sunny afternoon this week. It feels good to take some time out of a busy week and be yourself.

Enjoy the sunshine and warmth this weekend. Wishing our mums a special day on Sunday. Happy Mother’s Day!