Captain Blackbeard and sea shanties

This week we learnt about the very famous Captain Blackbeard. The children found out why he was so feared and discussed whether or not they would like to have been one of his crew members. They enjoyed taking part in a multiple-choice quiz to test their knowledge and worked in groups to figure out the answers. After learning all about Captain Blackbeard, the children had a drawing challenge to sketch his portrait in 3 minutes. We then looked at different strategies for drawing, such as using shapes and different shading techniques. After looking at ways to improve their drawings, the children set off to have another go.

The children also learnt about what it means to sink and float. They build their own boats out of paper and clay and experimented with which shapes and materials would be buoyant. They figured out that wood floats and then decided to test different bits of wood that they found around the playground. They enjoyed experimenting with different objects over the course of the week during their independent learning time!

For PSHE, we looked at different coloured foods and learnt about how they affect our bodies. The children really excelled with this and could be heard later in the week saying things like: “I did really well with that! It must have been the blueberries I ate helping my brain!”.  Their favourite part of this lesson was getting to try different foods. Be sure to ask your child about this because you just might learn something new!

We finished the week by practising some old sea shanties that pirates would have sung on their ships. The children are learning how to sing and do actions to the song ‘Drunken Sailor’ which they will perform for others in the school at the end of this term.