Celebrating Chinese New Year!

This week saw the return of Jack Frost to our garden, and the children wasted no time in going outside to explore! The glittering scenes inspired the children to look closely as they discovered changes to the previously sloppy mud, the once flowing water and the now crisp, sparkling blades of grass. The children were particularly interested in finding ways of melting and breaking up the ice that they collected from around the garden, opting to crush large chunks in the mud kitchen to make “frostee soop”, to find sunny spots and even give the microwave a try!

This week’s Nursery Rhyme was Incy Wincy which gave rise to some fantastic web work in the forest! The children had a go and creating knots with Incy’s webs, looping them around trunks and branches, and growing their brains with tying knots to secure the webs.

Wednesday’s Learning Together morning was a great success! Thank you to all those who were able to make it. With Chinese New Year fast approaching, the children enjoyed lots of different themed activities to strengthen their fine motor skills, and show their grown ups how much their brains have grown since last half term. From chopsticks to lantern making, rabbit playdough to Chinese mark making, the children had a lot of fun with their grown ups!

Continuing on with this theme, the children threw their own Chinese New Year celebration, and got our toys involved in dressing up too! They created outfits for the toys in the classroom out of red materials, to symbolise ‘good luck’ for the new year ahead. We also used chopsticks to count out yummy dumplings and distribute them fairly between the party plates.

With Harold the giraffe, we have been learning about how to keep safe. This week, we thought about who was in charge of the medicines in our homes and at school. We decided that medicines should be kept up high with warnings on them so that people don’t take them by accident, and so that they can’t be reached by children. Everyone enjoyed making signs and labels to help people remember how to keep safe around medicines, using their phonic knowledge. Saplings have learnt i m n d this week and Ash have learnt ar ur oo or.

Ash parents:

As Ash children are adding to their knowledge of special friends, it is really important that these are continually practised at home, within the children’s reading books and any other reading you may do. The special friends that the children have been taught to date are as follows:

ng (e.g. sing)

nk (e.g. wink)

sh (e.g. ship)

ch (e.g. chop)

th (e.g. thin and this)

qu (e.g. quit)

ai (e.g. wait)

ee (e.g. bee)

igh (e.g. night) 

oa (e.g. goat)

oo (e.g. book and moon)

ar (e.g. star)

or (e.g. corn)

ur (e.g. surf)


Saplings parents:

Saplings are getting to grips with hearing the following sounds at the beginning of words. When sharing stories at home, see if they can hear these sounds that you say, or even spot them in the text.

s  a  t  p  i  n  m  d