Celebrating International Women and Girls in Science Day

The 11th February marks the 8th International Day of Women and Girls in Science.

“The reason we celebrate this day is to make sure it becomes not a story about exceptional women but a norm that girls belong and succeed in science and technology.” Anya Daneez Khan, a 10-year-old girl

In Willow Class, we couldn’t agree more with the above quote! To help mark this important date, students from Hockerill school came to share their love of the sciences with us. We enjoyed  listening to them share their experiences and we also had the wonderful opportunity to take part in some ‘hands-on’ activities led by the students of Hockerill.

In our Science lesson, we researched blood. we discovered that white blood cells make up less than 1% of our blood and plasma (the liquid part of our blood) makes up 55% of our blood. We talked about rare blood types and also what makes blood clot. We presented our research beautifully and we were able to share our new knowledge confidently.

This week on Tuesday, it was Safer Internet Day. The theme this year is ‘Want to talk about it? Making space for conversations about life online’. In Willow Class, we have had great conversations about keeping ourselves safe online. We discussed how we should protect our identity and the importance of blocking, recording and reporting unpleasant or inappropriate things online. We all agreed that telling a trusted adult was best. We had fun writing poems and raps to help share these important messages.

What was life like on board the Titanic? In our History lesson, we considered different sources of information (both primary and secondary). We read letters written by passengers on board Titanic. We then used this information to find out about their class, gender, age and hobbies. By checking which menu the food a passenger mentioned in their letter enabled us to determine the passenger’s class. We then looked at the differences between the different classes on board the Titanic and the facilities available.

Well done to our Year 6 pupils who this week gave a presentation to our partner countries in our ‘Cinderella’ Erasmus+ project. A confident and interesting presentation about sustainability and how to protect the environment was shared with children from different countries including Greece, Poland, Italy, and Spain.

Ever wondered what a floordrobe might be? A juggersnot? A nomonym?  Or perhaps youniverse? In our Reading lessons this week, we have been having fun with portmanteau words (words created by joining two words together). We loved creating our own portmanteau words and writing definitions for them.

In our Forest session, we loved using the potato peelers for a spot of whittling. We found it a very relaxing and enjoyable activity – the perfect activity to help unwind after a busy week!

It was time to explore the wonderful world of VR in Computing. We have been working to create our own VR story complete with different scenes and dialogue.

Have a happy and relaxing half term break!