Cinderella Art – Golden afternoon

One of our golden afternoons recently linked to our whole school ‘Cinderella’ project. Pupils created artwork from recyclable items / rubbish, inspired by the well-known fairy tale.

Our ‘Cinderella – Discovering values’ is a two-year project in the framework of ERASMUS+ Programme, Key Action 229: Cooperation for Innovation and the Exchange of Good Practices. We are the leading school and we work with five primary schools from: Poland, Croa

tia, Italy, Spain and Greece. Our project takes the story ‘Cinderella’ as a starting point. In the Autumn term, the children have been exploring the book’s values and morals through the storyline & quotes. We have also looked at flags (our immigrant families and partner schools) and different types of families.

Please find below some of their work. Some of their imaginative creations are also uploaded in twinspace, so that the children in our partner schools in Spain, Greece, Croatia, Poland and Italy can admire their work!

This is our blog, hope you enjoy our partners’ work! There are beautiful displays and murals, made by the pupils in this project!

Early Years – Saplings and Ash class

Year 1/2 – Beech class


Year 3/4 – Lime class


Year 5 – Maple class






Year 6 – Willow class

A shoe for Cinders – recycled of course!

Cinderella’s recycled bed – hand sewn

A recycled palace fit for a prince!