Climbing up the mango tree!

This week in Early Years, we have been continuing to learn about the Caribbean, where Trish Cooke’s family grew up. We particularly enjoyed learning a traditional Caribbean song about a mango tree, “Tree fall down” and have been singing and humming the tune all week! This also gave rise to some delicious mango taste testing, where some children thought “it tastes like sweeties” though others decided “it’s too mango-ey”! We also explored sponge printing and colour mixing to create mango tree paintings, and Ash class did some amazing writing about some cheeky animals climbing up the mango tree too! Can you spot the phonics sounds they have been learning in their writing? This week, we revisited p m d g. Saplings have also been working hard with their phonics with Mrs Lammin and have been loving ‘The Grand Old Duke of York’… we wondered if he might march his men up the mango tree too!

Mrs Davies has been waving her magic wand in the garden, working with the children to plant blubs ready for the colder months. The children worked hard to listen to the instructions about which way the bulbs went in the ground and worked on strengthening their hand muscles with a bit of digging.

The children have also been helping to spruce up the furniture in the garden, giving our wooden bench a fresh lick of paint. After much deliberation, it was decided that “rainbow colour” was the best idea! We think it looks fabulous and the children did a wonderful job.

The children have also been looking after the babies this week. Well, I say babies, but I was quickly corrected that they are actually “royal babies”! Whilst they were having their royal nap, a group of children got to work building a baby palace using the large wooden bricks, complete with a drawbridge and a throne! Before the babies returned, the children made sure the floor had been hoovered and the guards with their horses were on patrol! We had great fun playing this game and the children showed brilliant teamwork and creativity.