Welcome back! This week we started our new topic, Coastlines, which will finish off our year. The children shared their experiences of traveling to the seaside and learnt about different features, both physical and human, of coastlines. They sorted photos into these two categories and then worked together to label them.

The children then explored fishing communities by first learning about fishers and what their job entails. This has been a really eye opening topic for the children; they were very surprised to learn how difficult fishing for a living can be! They looked at photos of fishers from around the world and came up with suggestions about who they might be as a person by thinking about what they are doing and what they could be feeling/thinking, etc.

For Art, the children experimented with water colour, pastels and salt. The aim was to create ocean waves that we would then stick our own ocean creatures to. The pastels and water colours blended a bit so the effect we were going for didn’t quite work out. The children enjoyed using the different materials nonetheless as well as the importance of checking the pastel box for ‘water soluble’ labels before mixing with water!

Next week we will further explore fishing communities and how fishing has changed over the last century. We will begin reading our focus text ‘The Secret of Black Rock’ as well!