Day 2…

News from the inside…

All woke bright and cheery and full of chat at 6am(yawn!) one would THINK they had nothing left to say after a late night of whispering and giggling- but apparently not! Then after major discussions about what to wear and the fixing of hair(and that’s the boys!) we headed for breakfast! Apparently breakfast was yummy, Frankie loved everything and Xavier liked the sausages and bacon!

Depending on which group they are in, the four activities today included: bottle rockets, problem solving, team tech, fencing, caving, zip wire and nightline. Leah and Kiaya found the zip wire the best activity so far! Poppy enjoyed fencing and  not only did they all look the part but we may have to be ‘on guard’ from now on! Ben loved team tech and really enjoyed the challenge. All the activities have required skills such as communication, resilience and challenge- so well done pupils from Little Hadham you really outdid yourselves! Alex, our director has said what a joy they all are to have and he commented not only on how well behaved they are but also on their enthusiasm and eagerness to try new things.

Then for our evening entertainment we took part in an environmental art activity and the children showed great talents and had lots of fun! Now we’re heading back to our rooms for showers(these kids love water!) and hopefully plenty of sleep. Although we did overhear something about a pillow fight- we don’t think they realise that we have lots in our rooms…..!

P.S. In case you worry, just to let you know that they are having a great time, they are very busy, very excited… and it’s not raining yet!

Lucky them, I say; I think we got the short straw!!