Day 4… More adventures

The children have all slept really well and are ready to start another busy day. This morning we are starting with aeroball, team tech or climbing!

After this we took part in nightline which requires being blindfolded and following a course and lots of giggling and falling over- good job it was sunny! From here we moved round to aeroball and climbing. There’s been some great displays of teamwork and sportsmanship.

The children filled up with a hearty lunch of jacket potatoes or pasties then it was time to head off to the beach. They had an amazing time finding sea creatures amongst the rock pools. There were plenty of crabs, sea anemones, sea snails and shrimps. There was even an amazing find of an eel like fish. All that discovery meant the children were ready for a well earned ice treat…. Well it’s not a proper trip to the sea side if you don’t have ice cream!

This evening’s activity was a lovely walk to the top of a cliff with amazing views. This on top of the walk to the beach this afternoon meant the children were looking forward to their beds. Unfortunately for them they had to make a start on their packing so that their bedroom floors were at least slightly visible.

They are all now tucked up snuggly in their beds ready for the last round of activities tomorrow.