Dear diary… week 1 and yes it’s still March!

As we come to the end of our first week of closure for the majority of our community there has been much for us all to get used to. For me, helping my son do an awful maths problem whilst trying to do my own work was a big bit of a headache, only to discover 45 minutes later that he had written down the problem wrong!

Hopefully by now you will all have had the opportunity to access the home learning through our website and are finding it ok. Just to say that with the work that is set by the teachers there are no expectations from us that you are sitting them down to do a full school day at home and it definitely shouldn’t be going on into the evening! I have had emails from parents regarding the amount of work sent home and other emails from parents wanting more. I think it is important at this time to keep everything in perspective. For instance, right now as I write this, there is a child under my table in search of a plastic golf ball, should he be playing golf in the house..? Possibly not, but, you’ll be pleased to know I did have a go and got a hole in one!

If you get some of the learning done, great. If you have been out in the garden, even better. If, like I know some of you have, baked or cooked together, or are having some quality family time playing board games, or have created something incredible out of Lego, then all these things are simply-wonderful!

There are a small handful of children who are going into schools day to day, so their parents can keep providing critical services to the public, but they are not at school having a normal school day and sitting down to do lessons! If, like me, you are having to work from home, don’t even try and do ‘lessons’ at the same time. You will drive yourself mad! I learnt that the hard way this morning! We are living in extraordinary and unprecedented times, and none of us know how long this will go on for.

Like everyone else, I sit and listen to the daily briefing from the Prime Minister to work out what we are going to do next. We will all have had very different experiences whilst we are away from day to day school, but don’t worry about that. It will be our job to support the pupils and get back to where we know they can be when the time comes!

Right now your key priority should be to keep your children and families safe and happy. Yes, keep going with reading, number bonds, times tables and practice their spellings, and encourage them to do their daily writing. But please don’t cause unnecessary anxiety, worry or arguments because you want your children to do all of their work at once and they want to do something else! It really isn’t worth it.

Anyway, I really hope that you have all managed to stay healthy and safe over the past week.  It has been such a pleasure to read so many emails about the children’s learning (normally I hate work emails!) and it’s so lovely to see children’s work and pictures of their learning and what they’ve been doing at home. I am very jealous I don’t actually get to taste some of the brownies I have seen! Remember if you have written a diary and want to share an extract please do email them in to

Take care this weekend and we will be back in touch on Monday,

Ms Connolly