A very impressive den was built by Lime this morning and they certainly were very proud of it. They built a stick wall for the outside, leaving a gap for a door and completed the inside with a fire and log to sit on so they could ‘plan’. They didn’t know what they were planning for, so they decided to plan a plan! Elsewhere a Knight school was starting up but it wasn’t long before they realised they shouldn’t actually bash each other with sticks. The creativity continued in the digging zone with a ‘cheese and chocolate shop’. Delicious!



The cold had set in and there was a fine mist in the forest that occasionally gave way to rain! Willow were very worried about getting wet, so decided to construct a couple of shelters. Some hastily threw some tarps over Lime’s den and got out of the drizzle quick. A second group took more time to build their shelter and worked hard on knots and giving it a pitched roof. They used another tarp to add some flooring but were very strict about the fact it was just for sitting on, as when you walked across it became very muddy…



A race track is being built in Ash and Sapling’s playground and they are very excited about it. They got to work (after a very spirited game of 1, 2, 3, Where are you?) on building a stick race track of their own. It had twists and turns and even an overhead start line. They walked along it and then rolled the boggle eggs around and around! There were lots of games of hide and seek, even though a few games started before everyone was found! a bridge was very successfully made in the digging zone too.



The digging zone was also very popular in Beech class and a large group were huddled around it digging happily for the whole session. Some pick axes were made using sticks, string and some bark. With a little help they wrapped the string around until they were strong enough to chop down some trees! There were also some shops and businesses springing up and a couple even shared the fort together very peacefully. Some painted stones were found which lead to a forest wide search for more!



It was act II of Matilda the musical again today! Half the group were feverously working to rebuild the cake from last week. The plan was to recook it and perform a scene from the Musical, complete with Miss Trunchbull, students, the cook and 2 Bruce’s! They got so caught up adding the 3rd and 4th tier that the session finished and they decided to showcase next week. Elsewhere, 2 rival potion shops were battling  and a Matilda style ‘Chokey’ was made in the digging zone. A shelter roof with clove hitches was made too!