Diary writing continues!

Beech Class has continued learning about Floella Benjamin this week and her journey from Trinidad to England. They watched clips from ‘Coming to England’ and read about how difficult her life was as she waited to travel to London to be reunited with the rest of her family. We workshopped the many emotions Floella may have been feeling and wrote about them. This helped us to build up to writing a diary entry as Floella. Some of the children in Year 1 and 2 wrote to sentences instead. We have been linking this learning to our PSHE as we look closely at emotions and feelings and how they can change from one moment to the next.



As part of our Art unit, we have been learning about the life and work of David Hockney. We watched short clips showing him painting and sketching ‘Bigger Trees Near Warter’. Using a picture of one of the berry trees outside of school, the children used the grid method to sketch and recreate the photograph. They have really loved learning this technique, although the photo they are sketching has proven difficult given the amount of small details needed! Bravo to everyone for trying something new and creating their own style of sketching.

Some of the Year 2 children will be working on further developing their fluency skills in reading by reading classic poems. We had a go this week and the children loved it! They read the first three stanzas of ‘The Tyger’  by William Blake and worked in groups to recite the poem . They practised when to pause and picked out words they were curious about or didn’t understand. These words were then looked up so that we could better understand them and add them to our vocabulary. The poems will be coming home for the children to continue reciting and reading aloud so be on the lookout in bookbags!


In our forest session we had signs from a mysterious visitor…The Boggle! He left us all a lovely present to show that he had visited our forest!