Diary writing

Beech Class has been super busy this week learning about diary writing. We have closely looked at Rosa Parks and discussed the different emotions she may have been sorting through when she was arrested. Year One was able to generate some wonderful sentences using keywords and past tense verbs whilst some of the Year Two children wrote longer pieces in order to complete a diary entry. They have blown us away this week and should feel so proud of their learning!

The children focused on expressing their feelings in their diary entries in response to various events; boycotting the bus and Rosa being set free!



Our Year 1’s did some amazing sentences too!


Year 2’s explored more spelling detective work where the same sound can be represented by different’ letters. We investigated ‘au’, ‘aw’, ‘f’ and ‘ph’. Super work!


In Maths, we have been learning about ordering, comparing objects and numbers. The year 1’s did some fantastic work comparing the value of the dots on Dominoes using ‘greater than’, ‘less than’ and ‘equals to’ symbols.


In Music, we have started to represent what we see by using instruments, physical actions and using our voices. We looked at a real aquarium and we used shakers to represent the waving coral, xylophones to represent the fish swimming and we used our bodies to show the fish diving down to the bottom of the sea bed! We have started to represent these sounds using graphical representation.


In our forest session, we were looking for signs that Autumn has well and truly arrived!


For PSHE, we role-played different scenarios where the children could be helpful or hurtful when responding to another person that is upset. The children are very skilled at drama as this is part of their weekly learning. They discussed empathy and why this is very important when working with and understanding their peers. We then linked this to our Golden Rules at school. The Year One children also focused on being good listeners and trying to understand why not listening could cause problems in friendship groups.

This term Beech Class is having Dance as part of their weekly PE lessons. They are working hard at learning a routine and will be excited to show parents/carers once lessons are completed. We will be sure to post their full routine on Seesaw when it is time!