Did you know…?

We are incredible! Yes, our bodies are amazing! In Science this week, we have been researching blood and we found out some brilliant facts. Did you know…? Our blood contains around 0.2 milligrams of gold!

In Yoga, we explored balance and concentrated on good posture. We played a game with the poses Sitting Stick, Flamingo and Hero. It was lots of fun and our balance and posture improved wonderfully through the session. Did you know..? Holding your earlobe helps you to balance and wobble less!

In English, we have identified the features of diaries. We have begun to draft our own diary entries and have chosen the events of the 14th Century plague to write about. We used some great vocabulary and explored how figurative language is used. Did you know…? Hyperbole is a form of exaggerating!

In Computing, we watched the short animation ‘Wing’ and discussed how its powerful message could help us understand how to communicate safely online. Did you know…? Our class survey results show that Year 6 believe social media companies should do more to help keep children safe online.

This week, it was our turn to clean out our school guinea pigs. Cookie and Snowy are lucky to have such a clean, fresh cage. We were lucky to have a few guinea pig cuddles! Did you know…? Guinea pigs like to chat to each other (and us)!

Have a great weekend, Year 6.