Dig, dig, dig!

This week, the children have concluded their work all about ‘Oi Frog’! They are very proud of their work displayed in the classroom. The children are becoming more and more confident to access writing activities during choosing time, and their phonic knowledge is really shining through!

We have also been digging out a brand new bed for a bean teepee in the outdoor area. As we were digging, we found bits of pottery, flint and even some wriggly worms! We learnt about how worms are good for the soil and that digging can be rather hot and sticky work!

The children were really motivated in the forest this week, with many choosing to go on a minibeast hunt! They recorded their findings in their own way, searching high and low for each little creature. It was heartwarming to see them give their friends hints for where to look if they were stuck! Many children noticed an unfamiliar insect on their list; a cicada! We enjoyed the story “The Very Quiet Cricket” following this session, in which they met another cicada.

Elsewhere in the classroom, Cheeky Monkey has been muddling up our numbers again! We are getting more and more confident with sequencing numbers, and many children are also building confidence with ordering teen numbers too! The children have enjoyed maths this week, working out addition facts with the story “Mr Gumpy’s Outing”.