Do I hear the bells jingling already…?

It’s been another full week here in Early Years! It hasn’t been long since bonfire night, but we are already thinking about Christmas! We have been busy decorating our brown bags for the bazaar, learning a Christmas dance for our dance show and have even managed to start practicing for our concert! Look out for the dates of these festivities in the newsletter.

We thoroughly enjoyed the forest this week, where we turned into weather watchers! We noticed that the clouds were moving very quickly, so we kept an eye on the beautiful sky up above. Some of the children noticed how the whiter clouds ‘glowed’ as the sun tried to peak through, and how it became very dark when the grey clouds moved in. Amazingly, it only drizzled very slightly, so the children were free to climb trees and swing away!

We were also very excited to see the hedges around our garden being cut back! It was very noisy!

As the seasons are changing, we wanted to make sure that our visiting garden birds had lots of sustenance as the cold weather draws in. The children helped Mrs Davies make bird feeders using seeds and gelatin. They used cookie cutters as molds and pressed the mixture down with the backs of spoons.

Inside, the children have been enjoying playing with the puppets! During circle time, our class puppet Harold was helping his friend Hog remember how special and unique he was. This sparked the imagination of the children and they used puppets to spread kind messages to each other and to say kind things about ourselves too. We also learnt a song that went like this:

I’m special, you’re special, there’s no-one quite like me! I’m special, you’re special, clap if you agree!

As part of our learning in RE, the children have been thinking about thoughtful gifting and gratitude. They thought very hard about what Mrs Lammin might like as a gift and reflected upon what we say when we receive gifts. Needless to say, she was so grateful for the gifts that the children had chosen for her! The children really enjoyed writing thank you cards too, as part of the afternoon’s activities. Both the Saplings and Ash class children were giving meaning to their marks, using their phonic knowledge (Ash have just added j v w x to their repertoire) and super pencil hold!