Drama, oceans and enjoying the sunshine!

This week we celebrated World Oceans Day as a school. It is a little later than the actual event was scheduled for but we felt it was important to recognise and therefore planned for when it would be more fitting. We started by having the children work together to answer key questions stemming from a photo. The photo was of a sea bird with a plastic bag around its entire body. The children discussed in lots of detail how the bag could have ended up there, where the bag came from, how the bird could be helped and how we could prevent this from happening again.  We then went one step further and looked at how the vast majority of litter is made and the children were shocked to see how much plastic can be found in the oceans. They explored the classroom inside and out to find items made of different materials and came to the conclusion that everywhere has too much plastic! They shared their findings and came up with ways of reducing their own plastic consumption either at school or at home. I am always amazed at how much enthusiasm and passion for learning our children bring to each lesson and this activity was no different!

We had a wonderful time during our Drama workshop on Wednesday this week. It was an interactive production that involved every child in some way, whether it was an acting part or call and response. The kids were absolutely buzzing afterward and were all sharing their favourite part of the The Sword in the Stone.

It is hard to believe that next week is our final week of this academic year! The kids have been such a joy to teach and we will miss seeing them over the summer holidays. Reports will be going home tomorrow so be sure to have a look in your child’s bookbag when you see them.