Drive in Movie Extravaganza!



There was lots going on in the world this week and Lime were fascinated by the idea of ‘Drive in Movie Day’. They made a snack bar, (featuring chocolate ice cream for ‘Chocolate ice cream day’) and a few of them practiced routines to perform for the cars. When they were called over for the movies to begin, there was some confusion as some started to race their cars while watching but they still enjoyed the shows. There was a snippet of Donald Duck doing magic for ‘Donald duck day’, which we all definitely know is this Friday…



Willow were very excited about chocolate ice cream day and made a huge bucket of squishy mud to help fill their cones. They worked tirelessly adding water to make it the right consistency and were very happy by the end. A few tried (with vary degrees of success) to make Yo-yo’s for ‘Yo-yo day’, with string, stones and bits of wood. That then turned into a great collection of bow and arrows. Thursday is ‘World Oceans Day’, so there was a little bit of fishing and someone who transformed into a mermaid with an excellent tarp tail!



The talk of the morning was about the ice lollies that could be bought at the end of the school day. So naturally the big squishy bucket of mud was used to make ice lollies of all different shapes, sizes and flavours. There was also a very exciting discovery of a fairy door behind the shed, which inspired a few more fairy doors and even a few sighting of fairies! They climbed the trees excellently before a huge game of hide and seek broke out. Everyone was hiding and lots of giggling could be heard from all around the forest.



Beech class were in awe of the idea of Drive in Movie day and lots of them began cooking up plays and film ideas to put on. Others decided they were going to create snacks (including chocolate ice cream) for people to enjoy while they watched. There was a Yo-Yo show and a one person play about the sad life of a WWII Naval Officer! They built lots of fairy houses in various nooks and crannies of the forest and swarmed the tree, pushing themselves to dangle perilously (very close to the ground) from branches!



The sun was really shining by the time Maple got outside and the main order of business was staying in the shade and not getting too hot! Some performed a show for Drive in Movie Day, the Sea was created for World Ocean Day and then decorated with all kinds of coral, a cave was made for Cave Day and there were a couple of ice cream shops for Chocolate Ice Cream Day! In non news, a den was made for the recurring Maple character who is a half camel half humpback whale!