The rain came tumbling down just in time for Lime’s session and it was all hand on deck to put up the tarps and build a shelter. They started making 3 different contraptions before they started working harmoniously on one big den. After a while, some realised that they loved the rain and began digging in the mud to find worms and making mud faces on the trees which was supplied by a huge bucket of ‘cement’. There was also a hammock that went up using a tarp and some rope, ideal for the perfect



Willow just love bug hunting! We got some of the clear bug collecting tubs out and they picked their way through the fresh mud and excitedly called out any discoveries. There were more worms than you’d ever knew existed and it wasn’t long before they found a mystery bug. It had six legs, was long, thin and was a sort of red/yellow colour. In the end, a google search told us it was a ‘Mealworm Beetle Larvae’ and the mystery was solved. The fort is still undergoing extreme renovations and each week they look a little shorter as they dig out of sight!



A peculiar, low grumbling sound was heard in the forest and during a game of ‘1, 2, 3 Where are you?’ a bundle of Boggle eggs were found! There were only 6, which really tested the little ones sharing skills but they worked well together. After a few discussions, a nest was made and a few of them took it in turns to sit on the eggs to help keep them warm! A McDonalds was still open dishing out orders of chips and the beginnings of a stick house was made by a couple of hard-working builders.



Beech discovered the Boggle eggs too and had a few different ideas on how to keep them safe. Some put some mud in a bucket (making sure that no leaves were inside), some put sticks on a log and covered it in mud, some made huge piles of leaves for them to rest in. Some bows were made by a small group and they spent a long time trying to find the right sized sticks and rope. Some excellent tree climbing took place and the fort has been dug out so much that you can only just about see the tops of their heads!



It was crazy hair day at school, so we decided to see if it was possible to give the forest a crazy hair makeover! There were a few different ideas but most of them involved leaves, ropes and logs! There was one particular log called ‘Stefanie’ who had lovely long hair. They also found the Boggle eggs and once they’d collected them all, they made a carnival with 3 different games to play. A log drum kit was made which drew quite the crowd and a fair amount of digging was going on as their weekly fort excavation continued.