On Wednesday this week it was International Women’s Day. The theme for this year is #EmbraceEquity and raising awareness around ‘Why equal opportunities are no longer enough’. 

In our art lesson, we looked at the work of a modern female Inuit artist called Kenojuak Ashevak (1927-2013).  She was one of the art world’s most acclaimed female graphic artists.

We learnt that Inuits are the people of the Arctic. Inuits are known in some countries as Eskimos. Inuit means ‘The People’, in their language. Kenojuak Ashevak developed her art from the embroidery she learnt as a child. Much of her work is inspired by the animals in her surrounding environment. In Ashevak’s work, she  does not concentrate on making the animals look real but gives them personalities and character.  

Inspired by this female artist, we painted animals in her style choosing colours to represent their character.

From one amazing and influential woman to another…

Having previously learnt about the incredible work of Marie Maynard Daly, and her research into cholesterol and its effects on blood vessels, in Science this week we investigated blood flow.

We investigated how a liquid flows through straws of different diameters and asked what this tells us about how blood flows through blood vessels and the impact of blockages on blood flow. We then considered the importance of a healthy, balanced diet and active lifestyle. Our investigation was lots of fun, even if a little messy at times!

“Why is it snowing? It’s March” – a valid point from one of us as we donned our waterproofs for a very soggy session! Despite our initial disappointment that no snow was settling, we still made the most of the forest. Some of us set about making an incredible shelter and were determined to use every tarp in the shed to make it as dry as possible. Some of us were happy to make the most of the falling flakes and rain to make a ‘chocolate formula’ that had to be just the right amount of ‘gloopy’!

Have a great weekend!