Empathy Day at Little Hadham Primary!

The children at Little Hadham Primary celebrated Empathy Day today the 6th of June 2024, learning how to boost their empathy superpowers. Some of you had the chance to see this in action during our Learning Together Morning, and we are excited to share more about this wonderful day.

Through stories, discussions, and various activities, the children explored the importance of understanding the feelings of others. The key elements they focused on were READ, ACT, and CONNECT. These three components are essential in developing empathy:

  • READ: Encouraging children to read books that help them see the world from different perspectives.
  • ACT: Teaching them to take empathetic actions and show kindness in their daily lives.
  • CONNECT: Helping them build connections with others through understanding and compassion.

We want Empathy to be a core value at Little Hadham Primary. We believe that fostering empathy in our children helps them become kind and compassionate citizens of our world. Empathy enables us to understand and respond appropriately to others’ feelings, leading to more helping behaviour and positive social interactions.

Empathy Day highlighted the crucial role of books in developing empathy and inspired our children to learn more about empathy and put it into action. The feedback from our pupils was overwhelmingly positive, and they were eager to share what they learned.

Here are a couple of soundbites from the day:

  • “You should always put yourself in other people’s shoes before you judge them.”
  • “Be kind and listen when other people are saying something.”

We are so proud of our children for embracing these values and look forward to seeing them continue to grow as empathetic individuals.