Endings and Beginnings




Lime are still asking which national holidays are happening around the world and this week it was ‘National French Fry Day’ that caught their attention. They collected sticks, wood chippings and leaves to make all kinds of chips and sold them to hungry buyers! There was also a ‘danger show’ which involved some acrobatics on the swing and the tree stump den from last week was built better than ever!



It was Willow’s final ever forest at Little Hadham before they go off to their secondary schools. Naturally the only way to go it was with a fire and marshmallows! The fire was lit quickly thanks to the heat and some sage wisdom from the eldest members of the school. After the fire burnt out, they each poured a cup of water and shared some of their favourite forest memories. Bye Willow!



The little ones were introduced to the ‘discovery box’ and were tasked with finding something that summed up the forest to them. There were lots of interesting things found and they loved showing them off. The shelter from last week was rebuilt and they played underneath like it was a parachute! Every inch of the trees were climbed and there was a drum show too!



Beech filled the ‘discovery box’ with much more varied things and it really got them thinking (especially because they only had one thing to pick). They climbed the trees, made a swing and perfected the shelter made by the early years. There were plenty of shops too, selling all types of things and we even finished with a couple of games of eagle eye.



We had a fire in Maple to celebrate the end of the year and they enjoyed toasting some marshmallows. Some were a little on the burnt side but they were all wolfed down with sticky smiles! They then went off and made some cool dens including a prison and a ‘mini den’ (whoever sat in the mini den was declared Pharaoh…obviously). Lots of boundary pushing tree climbing was had too!


Have a great Summer everyone! 🙂