Enjoying the great outdoors

This week Year One has been working on quartering! They enjoyed getting to do practical activities both inside and out and did a fantastic job showing how to quarter both shapes and groups of objects. They have now consolidated their understanding of halving and quartering.

In Forest, everyone was busy being adventurous and creative! Many children are enjoying making fishing rods and boats to go along with our current topic. I was so impressed with how safely and thoughtfully the children were when climbing trees in the forest! They were constantly discussing which limbs would be safe because of their size and which ones to avoid. They also used large tarps to build dens in order to create more shade from the blazing sun. They used knot tying skills taught by Connor to get the tarps to stay in place.

We created our own sea music by using different instruments to represent coastal sounds. We will work to compose our own piece of music this week which will be a wonderful end to our coastline topic!