Everybody needs good Neighbours


A highly organised battle was taking place by a large army for most of the session! They were calling ‘hut, 2, 3, 4’ and marching all over the forest making sure that everything was in order. Some of the army generals were tasked with using the peelers again, so that they had sharp enough sticks to protect themselves. Out of wartime, a couple of cafes opened. One made very realistic looking burgers and the other specialised in pink lemonade, using fallen blossom. As it was hedgehog awareness week, some pine cones were looked after!



While waiting on the stumps, someone spotted a small bird going into the birdhouse on the side of the shed. Everyone watched and waited and sure enough, not long after a little bird quickly popped its head out, before flying away! This inspired lots of bird behaviour in the forest, with a group turning into birds and using bug pots to hunt for critters. A grappling hook was made and after quite a few attempts it found its way over a branch and made a very fun swing, which lots of people used. A crew of whittlers was also formed.



The small birds flying in and out of the birdhouse have been the talk of the town in forest this week. Luckily, the little ones patience levels weren’t tested too much, as the birds flew in the birdhouse while they were waiting on the stumps. They watched excitedly until it flew out again and then were inspired to be birds for the whole session. They collected eggs (stones) and made lots of nests to put them in. A gloopy cake mixture was made an added to throughout the session and the mixture was used to paint beards and moustaches on the bakers!



Once more the birds put on a show while everyone sat on the stumps. Beech class decided they were either Blue Tits or Great Tits and were excited by the idea that the eggs inside would probably be hatching over the next couple of weeks. Some leaf and stick nests were made in honour of the birds but the main thing Beech did was climb. Everyone was up in a tree at one point or another and they did a great job taking it in turns. They were also entranced by the new swing that Willow class had made but didn’t hold out much hope that it was survive long…



Right on cue, the birds continued their journeys in and out of their house although they made Maple class wait a while before re-emerging. Some other creatures were discovered too, including a millipede cut in half and (after a brief google search) a Red Cardinal Beetle. The beetle was the subject of a heated debate about if it had wings or not but that conversion came to an abrupt end, when it spread its wings, making everyone scream! The stunning shelter was added to, the knives were out and as expected…Willow’s swing broke!