Exploring, imagining and investigating!

The children have been working really hard this week and are heading for a very well deserved rest as we approach half term! The forest had our imagination soaring as we discovered a number of pottery pieces hidden in the leaves and mud. We wondered how old the pieces might have been and what they might have looked like when they were whole. We also found some paper-like bark from the bamboo next to the forest which inspired us to write messages to the forest creatures! Some children chose to write to the Boggle, to let them know we are looking after their eggs, whilst others wrote to the fairies of the forest, and even our friendly little Robin who visits us regularly!

This week also had us thinking about how to keep safe online for E-Safety day. The children learnt about Smartie the Penguin, who needed help to remember a very important rule if something went wrong on his device; “before you click, click, click, you need to think, think, think, and tell someone!” The children responded brilliantly to this simple rule, and they were quick to put it into practice, letting the teachers know if they received an error message on their computers during choosing time. Some children chose to make posters for Smartie, to help us remember how to keep safe online.

The children have enjoyed phonics so much lately, that they have even started playing ‘teachers’ during their choosing time! They have been revisiting the sounds that we have looked at this week; a review of h, b, ff and ll in Ash class, and an introduction to o, b, f and l in Saplings. We have also been using super spoken sentences in maths to practise communicating our reasons, and have been working together to build dens outside and in!

We have noticed that dens in cosy areas coupled with some favourite stories are very popular this week… the children do seem very tired, they must be growing their brains so much! We wish you a very restful and happy half term, and can’t wait to see you again on the 22nd February to start our new topic, all about transport and maps (I have been instructed that we absolutely must learn about motorbikes and tractors…!)