Express yourself

This week we took part in Children’s Mental Health Week. The theme was ‘Express Yourself’. We thought about what makes us feel good, what we enjoy and don’t enjoy. One way we expressed ourselves was by recreating well-known artwork with whatever we had to hand. Just take a look at how creative and talented we are …

We have designed our own ‘Express Yourself’ posters, created calligram portraits using words to express ourselves, written book reviews for ‘Boy in the Tower’ reflecting on the power of true friendship and loss, written explanation text exploring the theme of success and failure and created new environments and creatures.

We’ve also enjoyed listening to  music that makes us feel good. Enjoy listening to these two great tracks from Children’s Mental Health Week:

‘Lovely Day’ by Billy Ocean and the Young Voices Choir

and ‘If you want to sing out, sing out’ by Cat Stevens which reminds us that it’s okay to be who we want to be.

Have a lovely weekend Year 6.