Fab Science and sailing across the oceans

Last Friday the children had an amazing session from Fab Science where they got to help carry out various experiments. They even made carbon dioxide explosions in the playground! Thank you Mrs Lawrence for organising our visitors, the children had a blast.

In Year One, the children have been working on using and applying numbers to 100. They found different ways of using the manipulatives to represent numbers and looked for patterns on the 100 square. In Year 2, the children have been consolidating their understanding of 2D and 3D shapes. Here they are enjoying using pencils to make different shapes to contain runaway ‘sheep’.

In English, the children have been planning out their newspaper articles about Captain Cook. They will write their final draft on the tea stained paper they made last week during art. To help make the article look authentic, they used a tracing technique to make a print of Captain Cook. They learnt from their last printing lesson that they needed to use less paint so the lines would be visible in the print. They mixed together blue, red and yellow printing ink to make a brown colour and then practised printing on sugar paper. They then finished the process off by printing onto their newspaper article template. Take a look at their process:

The Year 2 children have all done an incredible job this week completing their Key Stage 1 English Reading SATs papers. We are so proud of all their hard work and how they have maintained positive throughout this whole process. They will finish their SATs next week when they complete the Maths papers. Well done Year 2, you continue to amaze us each and every day!