Fantastic Forest Fete Friday!



June 29th was a busy day of holidays, we had; Hug holiday, fisherman day, camera day, waffle iron day and of course almond buttercrunch day(!?), instead of one thing to focus on Lime could pick any of these things and turn it ‘foresty’. There was lots of fishing rods and some selling sweet treats and even some tree hugging!



Groups of Willow decided to spread the love for national hug day but others were less keen! We didn’t only have fishing rods…some decided to be the fish for catching too and there was even a pet octopus called Jay Jay. They then went back and fourth collecting water to fill the digging zone, making it easier to dig/fish.



The school fete had got everyone very excited! We spoke about the different type of things that will be there and decided to turn the forest into ‘Fabulous Fun Friday Forest Fete’. There was a biggest leaf competition, some acrobats and even popcorn! They then found a tiny green grass hopper and investigated that before someone realised that it belonged in the grass or it would be called a mud hopper!



Beech were more interested in what food would be available than the games! A giant cake was built in the digging zone before it turned into a Taqueria! There was also a sweets and cake shop that specialised in rock cakes (they were literally rocks…) We then played a few games of Eagle eye to finish!



As the fete drew ever nearer, so the anticipation grew… Maple had reached fever pitch by the time their session began. Their forest fete included a slide, massage stall and shell collection game. Payment for this was rocks which had varying degrees of worth which seemed to fluctuate from one second to the next! Others watched the fete being built in a kind of ‘oops upside your head’ style line.