Farewells and new beginnings!

It’s been a whirlwind of emotions over these last few days, as the children have been thinking about the different nervous and excited ‘butterflies’ they have as the new Ash or Beech class! The children shared their thoughts, after reading Worrysaurus and The Worry Monster. Many children felt very excited about the upcoming changes that a new academic year brings, but where children had concerns, we thought of how we could positively reframe our thoughts to help settle our nerves. For instance, when someone was feeling worried about not knowing the new teacher, a friend very quickly reassured them that ‘They won’t feel new for long! Then they will be like our old teacher!’. Children in Ash class also enjoyed spending some more time in their new classroom, Beech, come September. We think they look right at home!

We also said a very fond farewell to our lovely Mrs Erswell, who kindly gifted us some very special books. The children were fascinated by the story of Rosa Parks, and shared strong opinions about the unfairness that Rosa must have felt, and were determined to always be kind to everyone, no matter the colour of their skin. We can’t wait to read more, and be inspired by these exceptional changemakers of history; thank you Mrs Erswell!

Now this final few days would not be complete without Cheeky Monkey getting involved and causing some trouble! On Tuesday, he set the children a series of maths challenges that drew upon all the knowledge that the children have gained throughout the year! With each question answered correctly, the children uncovered another piece of an invitation. After working out what our invite said, we couldn’t wait to have a go at our Forest Challenge! We found another note on the logs that told us to find all the hidden bears in the forest. We used our fives frames to help keep track of how many there were to find. Luckily, the children all worked together and managed to discover the hiding places of all 20 bears! Needless to say, the children very much enjoyed their yummy Jewel Jar treat as their prize!

The children have had a really enjoyable last few days in school, and even had enough time for a party! We hope that you all have a wonderful Summer holiday. We can’t wait to see the very grown up Ash children come September, and wave to our new Beech children each lunch time! We could not be more proud of such a fantastic, kind and inspirational group of children.

With that being said, there is one more thing for us to say; thank you. Thank you to parents and carers for your endless support throughout the year, for your kind words and generosity over the last few days. I know I speak for the whole EYFS team when I say we are incredibly grateful and touched. It has been wonderful working with you, and a privilege to teach your children.

Have a wonderful Summer everyone, see you all in September!