Feelin’ hot hot hot!


Staying cool was top of the agenda today, so the first thing that Lime did was get to work on a great den underneath some shade. They worked together to carry varying sizes of sticks and leaned them in size order up against their structure.  Some got to work creating a wall on one side using every stump (not in the fire circle) that they could get their hands one. After a while a huge game of hide and seek took over the forest, as well as a trio of people pretending to watch the TV and a couple of actors playing the parts on every channel!



Willow were inspired by the fact that this Friday is Fudge day, Fresh Veggies day and Sea Turtle day. Some made a squishy mud fudge cake which unfortunately crumbled when they flipped it up and took it out of the ‘oven’. 2 sea turtles were born using some buckets and excellent knot tying skills, however as they gently floated around the forest the ran into numerous plastic problems and ended up feeling very sad and a little stuck! Some peas in a pod were also made using some leaves and fallen seeds.



Maple got out in the afternoon heat and tried their best to stay cool. They mostly stayed in the shade which proved to be very wise. There were plenty of fudge creators at their buckets preparing to sell to any potential customers. A brand new game was made called ‘make the shot’ where you had to throw a boggle egg into a circle of stumps, first to 10 wins. The pressure was on  and a commentator helped to draw in quite a crowd for the final few throws. A tiny sculpture of a Sea Turtle was also made!



Staying cool was also the main priority for the morning on Friday too. To encourage everyone to stay in the shade, the parachute came out and they flapped away happily playing a few games and enjoying the breeze as they did so. Some incredible tree climbing took place, each time they climbed they pushed themselves higher and are really growing in confidence. The main talking point of the session was a very impressive den built by leaning and piling sticks. They sat inside their creation and enjoyed a bit more shade!



Beech were incredibly impressed with the den built by the little ones and set up a very popular café that sold literally anything you could ever want. They sold; hot chocolates, ice creams and even a cheese pasty! The trees were very popular and they worked very well sharing and going up in the tree in shifts so that it wasn’t too crowded. A game of Doctor Who sparked up and a few aliens were made quick work of and the theme tune could be heard on repeat. Some great knot tying was also seen to make swings!