Finding flowers and spotting snails

This week in Early Years, we have been exploring the outside area! We heard from a scientist called Ben who wanted to know how many different bugs and flowers we could find in our garden, to help him understand how to help farmers grow healthy crops. The children used viewing frames to find lots of different things in the outside area, including flowers such as buttercups, daisies and clover, and bugs, like caterpillars, woodlice and snails!

In maths, we have been practising the use and understanding of positional language! Having read Snail Trail by Ruth Brown, the children took their minibeasts on their own adventure outside, going aroundoverthroughunderin between and on all sorts of different obstacles. The children listened well and gave their own instructions too. Ash later explored the effect of different points of view and why something might look like it is in front of an object from one side, but behind an object from the other.

The children have also been practising their skills for their upcoming Sport’s Day in July! We are looking forward to showcasing the many skills that we have learnt in PE this year, including balancing, throwing, coordination and control.

Tales Toolkit is still a firm favourite amongst the children during their choosing time. This week’s story found Sophie the Sunny Scarecrow standing in her field of wheat, after a long day of adventuring at the dinosaur museum. After deciding to take a little snooze, she didn’t notice a cheeky little bird fly down and start to peck at her farmer’s crops! Luckily, the ticking of the watch on her wrist woke her up just in time to shoo the bird away! Following this, the children enjoyed altering their own stories, adding different problems or solutions to create different narratives.

As part of our work on transition, we have been looking at how we have changed and grown since we were little! The children enjoyed playing ‘Guess Who’ as they examined their friends baby and toddler photos, and spoke about how they could now do lots more than they used to be able to do! We will be continuing this theme as we begin to think more about how we will grow and change in readiness for a new school year.